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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy  |  Learn the Facts From an Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer

chapter 13Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Lawyers can help answer your questions concerning chapter 13 bankruptcy reorganization.  Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code provides a mechanism for individual consumers with a regular source of income to reorganize their debts.  Often there are valid reasons why an individual debtor would want to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy case.  In many instances, consumers fall behind on their mortgages or car payments but still wish to keep those assets.  An experienced bankruptcy attorney can take consumer information prior to filing a bankruptcy case and provide a reasonable estimation of what a chapter 13 plan will require in terms of monthly payment and duration.

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Often the outcome of a chapter 13 case will be preferable to a straight liquidation.  Talk to an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Pittsburgh who can help explain the difference between chapter 7 bankruptcy and chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Chapter 13 bankruptcy is designed for debtors with a regular source of income who are willing to commit to paying into a chapter 13 plan for a period of three to five years.  Your income and debts will determine whether you qualify for relief under a particular chapter of the United States Bankruptcy Code and each form of bankruptcy has unique characteristics.  Do not leap blindly into any bankruptcy case.  To decide whether liquidation or debt reorganization is better for you, reach out to a Pittsburgh Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer.

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