Do I need a bankruptcy lawyer?


Pittsburgh consumers considering bankruptcy often wonder whether they can save money by filing a bankruptcy case without a lawyer.  While people can represent themselves in any legal proceeding, it’s almost always false economy to “save money” by filing your bankruptcy case without an attorney.  If your financial affairs are very simple and you are a detail-oriented person with excellent records, a do-it-yourself kit could work.


Even small mistakes can have big consequences in a bankruptcy case.  Fail to take either of the required debt counseling courses within the timeframes required by the United States Bankruptcy Code and your case could be dismissed or you could be denied a bankruptcy discharge.  If you fail to properly notify your creditors of your bankruptcy case, you could find that debts you believed would be discharged, survive your bankruptcy case.  If you’re attempting to save your house from foreclosure or are self employed, the process takes on new layers of complexity such that many practicing bankruptcy lawyers will refer you to another lawyer to handle the matter.


If you’re considering filing a bankruptcy case, talk to an experienced Pittsburgh bankruptcy attorney.  With a free consultation and no obligation, there’s no reason not to get professional advice.


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