Credit Card Debt and Bankruptcy


Pittsburgh bankruptcy attorneys have witnessed shocking stories of credit card debt.  Many people are still paying finance charges on the tacos they bought a decade ago.  Others find themselves struggling to pay the minimum payments on their accounts from month to month and never see their balances decrease.  Often, people with significant credit card debt find it difficult to accomplish important financial goals.  They are unable to adequately prepare for retirement.  Many are never able to purchase their own homes.


But there is good news!  Under the United States Bankruptcy Code, most individual consumers can have their credit card debt discharged.  Chapter 7 bankruptcy provides a means through which consumers can fully and fairly report their assets and liabilities, income and expenses, which a bankruptcy trustee will review.  Debtors must also comply with the debtor education requirements and attend a meeting of creditors under section 341 of the United States Bankruptcy Code.


In Pittsburgh, the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania has adopted local rules and forms.  An experienced Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyer can guide you through the process.  Reach out to a lawyer today for a free initial consultation.


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