Chapter 7 Bankruptcy


The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy process in Pittsburgh for most individuals is simple.  It begins with a discussion with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.  After that meeting, you will provide certain documents and information to your lawyer to assist in the drafting of your bankruptcy schedules, statement of financial affairs and related documents.  You must carefully those documents to ensure that they are complete and accurate and, when you are satisfied that they are, you will sign them.  Prior to filing, you must take a brief credit counseling course with an approved provider and obtain a certificate of credit counseling.


After your case is filed, you must attend a first meeting of creditors.  At that meeting, a Chapter 7 Trustee will ask you a series of questions regarding your schedules and financial matters.  Additionally, creditors may appear and ask you questions.  In many cases, no creditors appear.  Within 60 days from the first date set for the meeting of creditors, you must take a second, debtor education course.  If no issues arise, that will be your last order of business and you will await your discharge and you will get your fresh start without ever setting foot inside a Bankruptcy Court.

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