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Pittsburgh Debt Lawyer – the Best Lawyer for Your Debt Problems in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Debt Lawyers

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Robleto Law May be the Best Pittsburgh Debt Advice Lawyers for You.

Debt advice in Pittsburgh – just as in any other city – may be a big challenge for consumers. Considering the positions of their creditors and other issues that may impact discharge and dischargeability of debts can be overwhelming. Having the best bankruptcy lawyer for your circumstances may be one of the most important decisions you may make.

A Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Lawyer that Understands Your Circumstances

Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyers that understand your circumstances are a call away.  When the consultation is free, it makes little sense to rely upon inapposite advice gathered from around the internet.   Pittsburgh is a first-class city–take advantage of your free initial consultation with a qualified bankruptcy lawyer today!  The bankruptcy help you need may be a call or click away.

Should you Consider a Debt Repayment Plan or Consolidation Loan?

Debt repayment plans or typically designed for people who have the actual ability to repay their debts.  Unfortunately, that does not include many Americans who try very hard but simply cannot keep up on their obligations.  Thankfully, the laws of the United States of America provide for bankruptcy protection for honest but unfortunate debtors. Contact a Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyer today to determine whether you may qualify for bankruptcy relief.

Debt Advice in Pittsburgh – Bankruptcy or Out of Court Debt Work or Debt Resolution?

There is no substitute for advice from a real, experienced Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyer.  You deserve to determine today whether a debt advice plan may help you.  Often such plans are devised with the interests of creditors in mind.  Get representation from a Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyer and find out whether you are making the best decision for you.

An experienced bankruptcy lawyer will tell you even if bankruptcy is not the right fit for you. Debt relief is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, each case differs and demands attention.  Do not let your situation be overlooked – you deserve a fresh start with a highly rated Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyer!

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Cost for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Pittsburgh

How Much Does Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cost in Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Lawyers May Offer a Free Initial Consultation

Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy CodeMany individuals who are experiencing financial strain in Pittsburgh want to know how much it will cost to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy case.  Bankruptcy lawyers in Pittsburgh may charge different rates to represent individual debtors in cases under chapter 7.  All lawyers in bankruptcy cases are required to disclose their fees in a public filing in each case.  The fees that debtors pay for credit counseling and debtor education are not legal fees paid for the services that your bankruptcy lawyer performs.  Instead, those are expenses charged by the credit counseling agencies and the bankruptcy court.

The cost of your chapter 7 bankruptcy case may vary depending upon a number of factors.  If your case is complex with a large number of creditors or difficult issues your lawyer will be required to perform more services and that may impact the cost of the case.  If your case is simple one and your resources are few, your bankruptcy lawyer may be inclined to represent you at a lower fee.

It is seldom prudent to select your bankruptcy attorney based only upon cost.  Bankruptcy law can be quite complicated.  While chapter 13 bankruptcy cases and chapter 11 bankruptcy cases often present far more complex questions, pitfalls exist even in simple liquidation cases under chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code.

Take advantage of a free initial consultation during which you can determine just how much it will cost you to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy in Pittsburgh.  Contact your Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyers today.

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We are a debt relief agency.  We help people file for relief under the United States Bankruptcy Code.

Will Filing Bankruptcy Destroy My Credit Forever?

Every bankruptcy lawyer in Pittsburgh has heard the question a hundred times. Of course, every situation is different so there cannot be a response that is completely correct in each instance. However, here are some rules of thumb about the impact of a filing a bankruptcy case upon a person’s credit.

Often Debtors Have Low Credit Scores Prior to Filing Bankruptcy

People tend to file bankruptcy as a last resort when their financial conditions worsen past beyond any reasonable hope of paying their debts.  As a person’s financial condition erodes, they tend allow their credit balances to meet or exceed their borrowing limits. Cash strapped people also tend to pay their bills late from time to time.  It is not uncommon for people under severe financial strain to give up their efforts to pay entirely.  That often means that creditors will seek judgments, send the matter to collections or sell the doubtful account receivable to another company.  All of those actions give rise to adverse credit events that press credit scores very low.  Under those circumstances, the additional hit of a bankruptcy filing might lower the credit score further but, by that time, the difference is not meaningful.

top notch credit score

Impact of a Discharge on Credit

A bankruptcy discharge can eliminate very large portions of indebtedness.  While some debts are not subject to discharge, most general unsecured debts are dischargeable.  Thus, credit cards, medical debts and unsecured loans are usually discharged.  That discharged indebtedness affects a debtor’s debt to income ratio which is a major factor in calculation of credit scores.  The benefit of the bankruptcy case is further increased by responsible financial behavior after the bankruptcy case closes.  People who pay their debts as they become due after the bankruptcy case closes are often pleasantly surprised by how rapidly their credit scores rebound.

Financial Life After Bankruptcy

Filing a bankruptcy case does not mean that a person will never reach their financial goals. Many intelligent and financially savvy people will use their bankruptcy fresh start wisely. Lending guidelines have shifted in recent years to allow mortgage lenders to extend loans to individuals three years after their bankruptcy cases.  That three-year period is all the more astonishing when one considers that, for most people scraping by on minimum monthly payments, three years without a bankruptcy would likely have resulted in deepened insolvency and an even lower credit score.

Contact a Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyer today to see if bankruptcy and a fresh start might be your best path forward.  The initial consultation is absolutely free.

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First Meeting of Creditors in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case

What to Expect at a 341 Meeting in Pittsburgh

meeting of creditorsIn Pittsburgh, the first meeting of creditors in a case under chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code is not scheduled until all of the required documents are filed or submitted to the bankruptcy court.  For consumer debtors, those documents include a voluntary petition for relief in a case under chapter 7, a statement of intent, schedules disclosing assets, liabilities, income and expenses, a statement of financial affairs and a means test.  Additionally, debtors whose bankruptcy lawyers electronically file documents in their cases must submit a document bearing their social security numbers and original signatures of the debtors and their counsel which is received by the bankruptcy clerk but is not available to the public.  Debtors must also complete pre-bankruptcy credit counseling and submit their certificates of counseling before the meeting of creditors is scheduled.

The Notice of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case

The Notice of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case provides important information to the debtors and their lawyers as well as to creditors and other parties in interest in the bankruptcy case.  The notice will include the name and contact information for the chapter 7 trustee assigned to the case.  In Pittsburgh, cases are typically assigned to trustees who serve on a panel of trustees.  One of the trustee’s important duties is to scrutinize debtors’ bankruptcy filings and to make certain that they are complete and accurate.  A chapter 7 trustee will also determine whether there may be assets available to make a distribution to the holders of unsecured claims.

The Notice of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case will also include the location of the meeting in downtown Pittsburgh and the date and time of the meeting.  Additionally, the Notice will provide important deadlines for creditors to exercise rights against the debtor and information about filing a proof of claim and debtors’ exemptions.

The Chapter 7 Meeting of Creditors in Pittsburgh

The chapter 7 trustee will begin the meeting by reviewing the debtor’s photo identification and social security card.  Next the trustee will have the debtors solemnly swear or affirm to tell the truth.  The meeting will be recorded and the audio or transcript can be made available if necessary for use later in the case.

Your bankruptcy lawyer will prepare you for the questions that the trustee will focus upon.  There are certain questions that the trustee must ask in order to complete the forms required to close the meeting.  Your bankruptcy lawyer will also accompany you at the meeting of creditors and will enter his or her appearing on the record of the meeting.  If you don’t understand a question or the legal significance of certain matters, your bankruptcy attorney will help explain them to you.

Typical meetings of creditors in chapter 7 cases in Pittsburgh are brief affairs lasting less than 10 minutes.  More complex cases or cases with extensive creditor participation may extend longer.  Your bankruptcy lawyer will have you prepared for your meeting of creditors and you will know what to expect before your meeting is called.  The 341 meeting of creditors in Pittsburgh is an important step in the direction of getting a discharge in case under chapter 7 and being awarded a fresh start.

How to Get the Best Deal When Filing for Bankruptcy in Pittsburgh

best dealSaving Money on a Bankruptcy Filing in Pittsburgh

Questions to Ask Your Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Lawyer to Get the Best Deal

Those considering filing a voluntary bankruptcy petition under the United States Bankruptcy Code often look far and wide in order to get the best deal possible.  When considering engaging a lawyer to represent you, here are a few things to consider.

Does the Lawyer have Experience Representing Debtors in Bankruptcy Cases?

Bankruptcy is a very complex and ever-developing field of law.  The basis for bankruptcy law is traceable to the United States Constitution.  Today, American bankruptcy law is based in a federal statute codified in Title 11 of the United States Code.  Bankruptcy practice is further governed by the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure which rules are set out by the United States Supreme Court.  While original jurisdiction for bankruptcy cases rests in the United States district courts, that jurisdiction is routinely referred to the United States bankruptcy courts.  Bankruptcy courts are courts of limited jurisdiction and its judges are not appointed by the President to serve for life as are Article III judges.

Because of the specialized nature of bankruptcy practice, consumers are best served by first ascertaining whether their prospective counsel has represented debtors in bankruptcy cases in Pittsburgh.  In addition to the United States Bankruptcy Code and Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, bankruptcy courts and even individual bankruptcy judges often have unique forms, procedures and rules for debtors to follow.  In some instances, non-conformity to those rules and procedures can have important consequences that may impact debtors’ substantive rights.

What Other Costs are Associated with Filing a Bankruptcy Case in Pittsburgh?

Lawyers in Pittsburgh may detail their legal fees separately from other costs that debtors will also have to pay.  Almost all consumer debtors will need to complete a course in pre-petition credit counseling prior to filing their bankruptcy cases.  The cost of those credit counseling courses may vary substantially from one approved provider to another.  Your bankruptcy lawyer may be able to give you advice on how to get the best deal on your bankruptcy credit counseling.  Similarly, debtors must take a post-petition course in financial management.  An experienced Pittsburgh bankruptcy attorney may be able to help find the best deal on bankruptcy debtor education.

Lastly, an important cost in most is the fee for filing the case itself.  That fee changes from time to time and also varies based upon the kind of bankruptcy case you file.  Your Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyer can provide you with a schedule of court fees and explain how those payments will be made.

Do you Trust your Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Debtors sometimes find that saving money by hiring lawyers in whom they do not have confidence may end up being a very costly mistake.  Your Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyer should provide you with dependable advice that helps you decide whether a bankruptcy case is right for you, what type of bankruptcy might best fit your circumstances, how to apply bankruptcy exemptions, disclose your financial condition and comply with the formalistic mandates of bankruptcy in order to achieve your fresh start goals.

Gives yourself the best chance of getting the best deal on a bankruptcy filing in Pittsburgh.

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We are a debt relief agency.  We help people file for relief under the United States Bankruptcy Code.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cost – Cost in Pittsburgh

bankruptcy cost

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cost Pittsburgh

Consumer debtors facing financial difficulty are very cost conscious.  For that reason, each day there are an extraordinarily high number of searches for “cheap chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer” in Pittsburgh.  There is no valid reason to short change yourself by accepting anything less than experienced and thoughtful representation from a Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyer.

In many cases, consumer debtors with simple cases who want nothing more than to unburden themselves from the unbearable weight of their debts can have highly effective legal representation in a chapter 7 case.  Those consumers should not be priced out of representation in a chapter 7 case.  Often, a simple chapter 7 case can be conducted for a reduced legal fee.  Debtors remain responsible for the filing fees owed to the bankruptcy court (currently, $335) and a small fee for credit counseling services which vary depending upon the particular agency.

To make the cost of bankruptcy even more affordable, you may be able to make your payments over several months.  In certain circumstances, you may also be able to pay your court filing fee in installments.  The ability to pay a filing fee in installments depends is left to the discretion of the judge reviewing the application to pay the fee in installments but those applications are frequently granted when it appears that debtors are under severe financial strain.

If you’re looking for a highly experienced bankruptcy attorney to competently guide you through a chapter 7 at a low cost, you owe it to yourself to have a free initial consultation.  Your fresh start may be more affordable than you think.

Filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Fall Pittsburgh 2016

Summer is Over, Isn’t it Time For Your Debt to Fall Away?

With the change of the season, it may be time to evaluate your financial condition and to think about your financial goals.  If your credit is poor but you would still like to purchase a car or become a home owner, bankruptcy could be your best option for eliminating debt that is well beyond your ability to pay.

File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Pittsburgh – Finding a Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Lawyer

Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code is often the most sensible approach for individual debtors with credit card or medical debt that has ballooned beyond their ability to pay.  The chapter 7 bankruptcy process is streamlined.  Your first step should be to meet with a qualified chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Pittsburgh.  If you decide after a consultation with your bankruptcy lawyer that filing chapter 7 is right for you, you will need to take a course in prepetition credit counseling before you are eligible to file.  Your bankruptcy attorney will prepare your petition and statement of financial affairs and you must review them thoroughly to make sure that they are complete and accurate.  Your lawyer will help you with difficult bankruptcy decisions regarding valuations of property, treatment of creditor claims and application of exemptions to protect your interests in property.

After you’ve signed your bankruptcy petition and the case is filed, you will have a meeting of creditors before a chapter 7 trustee.  Your bankruptcy lawyer will help you prepare for that meeting and he or she will attend the meeting with you.  You will present your photo ID and social security card and the trustee will ask you a series of questions.  In a simple case, the meeting can be as short as five minutes.  When the meeting before the trustee is concluded, you must then complete a second course in debtor education and await your discharge.  When the discharge order and your case closes, you will be unburdened from all of your dischargeable debts.  Certain debts may survive discharge or may still fix as liens on your property.  Your bankruptcy lawyer will discuss those issues with you long before you file the case.

File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Pittsburgh – Locate the Best Chapter 13 Lawyer for You

Chapter 13 is a form of bankruptcy that allows debtors to reorganize under federal law.  Defaults on mortgages and car payments can be cured and the loans reinstated through chapter 13.  Even if you’ve experienced a mortgage foreclosure or a vehicle repossession, you may be entitled to have cure your loan and restore and preserve your property rights.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy follows many of the steps of a chapter 13 case except that it includes a new focus, a chapter 13 plan.  Your plan describes how you will repay creditors to restore your interest in property.  You may end up paying a small percentage to the holders of unsecured claims or you may end up paying no distribution at all to them.   The rules applicable to chapter 13 plans are complex but your bankruptcy lawyer can guide you through successful plan confirmation and position you to complete your plan and earn a discharge.

If you are ready to put your debt behind you and move forward with fresh start, contact an experienced bankruptcy attorney today.

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Avoid Vehicle Repossession

repoStop Vehicle Repossession By Filing A Bankruptcy Case

An automobile can be among the most important assets for a working person.  Wage earners often need reliable transportation for the commute to work and car repossession can make a bad financial situation disastrous.  Thankfully, the United States Bankruptcy Code provides for an automatic stay that can prevent your lender taking back your car and selling it through a repo sale.  In almost all circumstances, the filing of a bankruptcy case effects an immediate stay of most creditor collection efforts, including vehicle repossession.

A borrower who is dramatically behind on his or her car payments may wish to take advantage of a federally sanction repayment plan under chapter 13.  A debtor in a chapter 13 bankruptcy repays some or all debts over a period of three to five years.  A chapter 13 plan also allows debtors to cure the arrearages on car payments.  Debtors who successfully complete all payments under their chapter 13 plans are awarded a completion discharge.  With certain exceptions, a discharge in a case under chapter 13 eliminates most unsecured debts.

A chapter 7 bankruptcy filing will also trigger the automatic stay.  Similarly, the successful conclusion of a chapter 7 case includes a discharge.  While a debtor’s personal obligation to pay a vehicle can be discharged in a bankruptcy case, a bankruptcy discharge alone does not avoid a lien on a debtor’s automobile that was perfected prior to the filing of the bankruptcy case.  For that reason, a debtor who receives a discharge but does not make any car payments may have his or her vehicle repossessed when the automatic stay is modified or dissolved.

An individual confronted with a possible vehicle repo should consult with an experienced bankruptcy attorney.  Bankruptcy lawyers may also be able to review past vehicle repossessions to determine whether borrowers may have claims against their lenders for their conduct in repossessing and selling vehicles.  For example, a recent class action in the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania asserts claims against Wells Fargo on behalf of borrowers who had their vehicles repossessed in Pennsylvania.  A Pittsburgh bankruptcy attorney can quite often help people who want to avoid a vehicle repossession.  Call today for a free consultation.

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Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyer in Pittsburgh May be False Economy

Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyer and the Old Maxim:  You Get What You Pay For

A cheap bankruptcy lawyer in Pittsburgh may be what you think you want but consider the facts.  If your debts are so overwhelming that you find yourself considering your bankruptcy options, seeking out the cheapest lawyer in town may not be the wisest course.  While most bankruptcy attorneys in Pittsburgh will offer a free initial consultation, selecting the “cheap bankruptcy lawyer” who offers the steepest discount may cost you in ways that you did not anticipate.  Bankruptcy law is ever-evolving and the best bankruptcy lawyers continuously follow developments in the law and keep current with developments in the United States Bankruptcy Code, the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure and the local rules and judges’ practices and procedures for all courts in which they practice.  Let’s consider what a cheap bankruptcy lawyer might really cost you.IMG_1501

Failing to take a required step in the bankruptcy process can have fatal consequences for your case.  Likewise, failing to timely submit required documents in the form demanded may result in the dismissal of your case.  Moreover, an experienced bankruptcy lawyer (will explain to you how the bankruptcy forms work and help you fully and fairly disclose all of your assets, income, expenses and liabilities to enable you to get a fresh start–where as a cheap bankruptcy lawyer might not.  Think twice before you make the cost of a bankruptcy attorney your primary search criteria for finding a bankruptcy lawyer in Pittsburgh.

Make certain that you are comfortable with your bankruptcy attorney.  Your lawyer should be attentive to your questions and available to guide you through the process from start to finish.  Don’t wait for your free consultation with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.  Reach out by email or telephone today!

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Debts Causing Summer Blues – Call a Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Lawyer

Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Attorneys Might Save Your Summer!

Most of us look forward to summer vacations, ball games and fun in the sun.  But what if your debt problems keep you from doing simple things like buying gasoline or getting away for a relaxing weekend.  Some people find that they work very hard but, because of medical debt or credit card trouble, they just cannot get out of debt.  You may have heard that the laws have changed and wonder whether you are eligible to file a bankruptcy case in Pittsburgh.

Don’t allow your debt to destroy your summer or your future.  Make an appointment today for a no-fee consultation with a Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Attorney.  At Robleto Law, PLLC, a highly experienced bankruptcy lawyer is available to answer your difficult questions in a comfortable, judgment free environment.

Get the fresh start you deserve!  Take advantage of the peace of mind that comes with being free of burdensome debt.  Learn just what a bankruptcy case can do for you and your future.  Don’t wait–you could be on your way to discharging your debts a lot sooner than you think.

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We are a debt relief agency.  We help people file for relief under the United States Bankruptcy Code.
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