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Pittsburgh Debt Negotiation Lawyers understand that, while bankruptcy offers an automatic stay and a single stage upon which to resolve all matters related to the debts and obligations of a consumer or a business, it is sometimes not the best course of action. 

Alternatives to bankruptcy filings include debt workouts and settlement plans.  We are tough negotiators and are experienced dealing with banks and institutional lenders.  If circumstances permit a deal that makes sense to the parties, we will pursue it.

Sometimes a debt consolidation program will make the most sense.  While we are a law firm and not a lending institution, we can provide legal services to ease the transition to a replacement lender.  If appropriate, we can assist individuals or entities through a refinancing process and direct debtors to lending programs and venture capital.

Often some hybrid of litigation, settlement and consolidation makes sense.  As insolvency lawyers, we can help you develop a productive strategy to manage your debt.  Make the call to a Pittsburgh Debt Settlement Lawyer.


Debt Negotiation

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