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Cost for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Pittsburgh

How Much Does Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cost in Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Lawyers May Offer a Free Initial Consultation

Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy CodeMany individuals who are experiencing financial strain in Pittsburgh want to know how much it will cost to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy case.  Bankruptcy lawyers in Pittsburgh may charge different rates to represent individual debtors in cases under chapter 7.  All lawyers in bankruptcy cases are required to disclose their fees in a public filing in each case.  The fees that debtors pay for credit counseling and debtor education are not legal fees paid for the services that your bankruptcy lawyer performs.  Instead, those are expenses charged by the credit counseling agencies and the bankruptcy court.

The cost of your chapter 7 bankruptcy case may vary depending upon a number of factors.  If your case is complex with a large number of creditors or difficult issues your lawyer will be required to perform more services and that may impact the cost of the case.  If your case is simple one and your resources are few, your bankruptcy lawyer may be inclined to represent you at a lower fee.

It is seldom prudent to select your bankruptcy attorney based only upon cost.  Bankruptcy law can be quite complicated.  While chapter 13 bankruptcy cases and chapter 11 bankruptcy cases often present far more complex questions, pitfalls exist even in simple liquidation cases under chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code.

Take advantage of a free initial consultation during which you can determine just how much it will cost you to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy in Pittsburgh.  Contact your Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyers today.

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